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Comfort-Med Bed Mattress Elevator Wedge
  • 6 inches standard for elevated sleeping comfort
  • 36 inches head to toe provides comfort body flex positioning
  • Firm polyurethane foam for lasting support
  • Sleep aid for people with hiatal hernias, acid reflux, and chronic snoring
  • 36 inches wide to match twin mattress or medical mattress
  • Custom widths and lengths available
  • Soft terry cloth/velour cover available
  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 inch high wedge 
  • The MTJ American Mattress Elevator Wedge offers a slight elevation of the head and upper torso for those who suffer with a hiatal hernia, acid reflux, chronic snoring, GERD, pregnancy or any condition where doctors recommend elevating the head or upper torso. Designed to fit under the mattress, the standard wedge provides 6" total elevation and is the same width as a standard medical mattress. It can be ordered in 4", 6" or 8" high versions as well as custom widths. It is available with an optional terry cloth/velour sewn cover. The wedge can be used as a foot elevator wedge where elevations of the lower extremities is needed.
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