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Silver Sewn EPR
Pressure Redution Mattress
with Elevated Perimeter
  • Ultra soft deluxe Nylon fabric
  • 6" thick standard for ample firmness and support (Optional thicknesses available)
  • 80" long standard (Optional sizes available)
  • 9" contour cut angled side rails for firm support to outer edges
  • Sewn cover with zipper for easy removal
  • Meets or exceeds ALL flammability requirements
  • 6" polyurethane foam contour cut core with 5 different pressure relief zones along length of mattress
  • Cut and slotted on bottom of core to allow flexing without tearing
  • Resist liquids, body wastes, blood, and hospital medications 
  • Our Silver Sewn EPR Mattress is designed to allow pressure relief for the patient. There are 5 distinct pressure relief zones along the length that allow varying pressures on different parts of the body which reduce friction. The zone at the foot is a special super soft HR foam designed to aid in the reduction of friction on the heel area. The pressure zones provide not only a therapeutic surface but also comfort, support, and added airflow under the patient. In addition to the pressure zones, there are firm 9" contour cut angled side rails for support to keep the patient centered in the mattress and give added support. The Elevated Perimeter Rails provide safety and reduce risks of accidental falls or rolling out of the bed. Contour slots on the bottom side of the core allow flexing of the mattress for use on electric beds without splitting or tearing the foam core.


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