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Summit Sealed Safe
Behavioral Health Mattress
  • Polyurethane Coated Nylon Fabric
  • 6" multi-density HR polyurethane foam
  • 80" long standard (Optional sizes available)
  • 100% RF welded seams (NO sewn seams)
  • Wipes clean with warm soap and water
  • Meets or exceeds ALL flammability requirements including CFR 16 Part 1633
  • Passes Jungle Test
  • Integrated pillow available
  • Resist liquids, body wastes, blood, and hospital medications
  • Patented Breather system  
  • Our Summit Sealed Safe Behavioral Health Mattress is designed to be used in behavioral health applications where destruction is an issue. The multi-density HR polyurethane foam allows for a firm side and a softer side for patient comfort. All seams are RF welded so patients can not tear or cut open the seams. Welded seams also prevent the entering of any bacteria or contaminant into the inside of the mattress. The integrated pillow option allows the use of a pillow without giving a seperate pillow to patients with destructive tendencies.


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