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Value Safe Detention Mattress


  • General Description - Value Safe Mattress, 4.5 inch thickness, has ample firmness as well as adequate suppleness to provide superior support
  • Color - Light Green, non-fading, non-bleeding
  • Seams - 100% Sealed Seams (Absolutely No Stitching)
  • Flammability - Meets and exceeds the requirements of: 16CFR Part 1633
  • Durability - Resistant to delaminating from flexing action.
  • Construction - Constructed with a single piece of vinyl, all seams sealed using Radio Frequency Techniques.
  • Thickness - 5" Core compressed to 4.5
  • Material - 100% Polyester Fiber Pad
  • General Description - Made of thermally bonded polyester fiber. No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product. It's 100% recyclable "green"
  • Integrated Full Size Pillow - 12D 64mm polyester filled. Attached using an interior sleeve.
  • Material - Vinyl with 1000D Polyester scrim cover.
  • Seam Strength - In excess of 52 lbs/in - 1 Year warranty on bonding of seams
  • Patented Breathable Vent - Sealed on the inside of the cover (Resists water, oil, urine, blood, head lice)
  • Water Resistant - Resist liquid, body waste and hospital medications.
  • Fungistatic Product Protection - This mattress fabric is treated by the manufacturer with Ultrafresh (EPA Registration #10466-28), a fungistatic agent to protect the product from fungal growth.
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